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    Recently I had a chance to compare an item I was selling against a competitor with EXACTLY the same product. The only difference in the whole listing was that their feedback score was a little higher than mine.

    They had already been selling this item and had racked up some sales. Our warranty and refund policies were the same. They offered theirs for $13.00 and i was advertising for $15.

    In 3 days of listing my item I sold 25 and they had sold just 4 in that same time period, even though my price was higher!!


    The difference between us was the description and the text.

    The competitors listing was rubbish. They had simply copied a few lines of info from the manufacturer website, and that’s it.

    For my listing, I used a HTML template, added as much detailed information as I could find, highlighted the product features and used the description to try and answer any questions that a buyer may have. I also embedded a video which was available on youtube.

    The results speak for themselves, a little effort at listing time makes all the difference.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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