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    Ryan Born

    which one is the cheapest to move too?
    what has the cheapest houses?
    if i go to permanently live in New Zealand can i use the same visa to move to Australia? 🙂

    Jay Higgins

    Honestly… I hate to say this, but having just spent a couple of weeks in new zealand and lived in Australia from the age of 7 i would have to say that Australia is the better choice of out the two.

    For the last couple of months I have been desperately seeking to get our of Australia and to new Zealand but having been there now I would have to say it was a disappointment. [except the scenery and weather]

    you will find it easier to find a place to rent and houses are cheaper in australia then new zealand. but the scenary is crap in australia and weather is also really bad. Its too hot and summer has been torture. I hate being stuck in doors but the fact of the matter is redheads and a UV of 12 don’t mix well.

    Australia is better because there are more shops [variety like small businesses], its cheaper to live. Houses vary. I know people can get a good house price in melbourne but be stuck in an estate.
    My parents live in a delapidated house that would fetch a million at auction because of its location so it really depends on what you want.
    The house Im looking at purchasing, is a large block in the countryside and its going for 70,000

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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