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    Nathan Bailey

    I have started using TB after a couple of years of not selling. Why can’t I get a flat postage delivery option for my mailing w/o registration. Registering an item cost an extra $2.95, and this added to the high cost of postage is ‘killing’, especially since Ebay charges about 10% on postage cost, which you don’t feel like passing on to buyers. especially for smallish items. I know it is a safety measure, but registration doesn’t even come with compensation anymore. The up to $100 compensation is no longer being offered by Aust. post. This was told to me by a Postal staff member. Sure, you get a card to say that someone signed for the parcel, but if the cost involved is small, maybe the ‘once in a while’ refund on claim of ‘parcel not received’ can be another option. Majority of buyers are honest, and the tracking for each parcel should help. In all the past years of selling, I have had only one claim of non-delivery. Other option is, sellers can be offered the registration process in the listing. This was what we did before. I also have a problem with the latest listing tools for choosing postal options. It is too complex, as you have to know the exact measurement of mailing boxes you want to use, apart from satchels, which I don’t use because of the nature of my items.

    Ron Hayes

    There is no registered post for parcels now. The option is for Signature on Delivery with extra cover if you want insurance.
    There is really no need to pay the extra when you are sending small/inexpensive items….as long as you can prove postage to paypal/ebay standard you have seller protection.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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