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    Rich Weiss

    I have some books on computer parts and I am planning to sell them, but I can’t figure out what site to sell it on, I know I want to sell the stuff on an auction site, as the local PC stores that buy parts, and stores like Half-Price Books, give you little money, then turn around and sell it for twice as much, but I am stuck between Craigslist and eBay

    I like the way that if I post an item up on eBay, buyers from all over the world can bid on it, and I am not stuck selling what I want to sell within my own city (at that rate, i’ll just ask around if people want it, and even then, I won’t make many sales), but the selling prices are too high, and by the time I buy a space for my item(s), upload pictures, and make the page ready to view, i’ll be paying more in auction fees then I would be selling the actual item for, then I would just be giving the stuff away for free (the bidders would pay, but I wouldn’t make anything) and having to pay eBay the extra

    I like the way I can post an item up for free on Craigslist, upload pictures for free, ect. for free, but for the way the page is layed out, I am stuck with putting my ad/post on a page that only people from the city I live in will look at, and at that rate, I will just ask around, I would highly doubt that anybody around whee I live will want to buy the stuff I am trying to sell, and even if there are buyers, I wouldn’t have the bidding amount I would have on a site like eBay, so either I won’t get any bidders, or the bidders I do get will be such a small amount, i’ll make barely any money

    So is there an auction site that has the best of both worlds, but yet not any of the worst?

    Mark Holm

    you could try eBid as they don’t have listing fees so if your stuff doesn’t sell you don’t lose money. They are also global and probably the largest alternative to ebay now Yahoo! Auctions has closed down in most countries.

    Alternatively CQout is big in UK and to an extent in the US and Australia.

    I’ve had good success on Amazon but the closing fees can be quite high.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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