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    Jay Higgins

    I have seen a lots of posts on forums lately talking about the debate of
    Ebay vs’ Other Australian Auction sites.
    So i thought i would ask the question in here so i can get a response from some people who have decided to use another Australian Auction Site.
    Now, from what i have read Ebay Australia takes around 200 million dollars out of this country EVERY year, all into a swiss bank account with no GST or INCOME tax paid.
    So do u think it is worth supporting the Australian Auction Sites and maybe getting less sales but giving the aussie sites a chance to build up so ebay is no longer a monopoly in this country ?
    Do you think ebay should even be in Australia???
    Do you think it is right that they take so much out of the country every year without contributing to the society they are taking all the money from???
    well please let me know your thoughts guys 🙂

    Eric Scarberry

    It is very altruistic to rally around local sites, and to keep the money within your own economy. However, for the housewife who just wants to quickly and securely get top dollar for reselling her too-small sweater, the big international site like ebay is a very tempting remedy. It is true that you must act locally to impact globally, but a hard sell to the masses. Good luck to you in this worthy endeavor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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