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Jim Wisner

What ungrateful grandchildren and friends she must have. As if I believe that story.

For a change of mind you can ask her to return the items at her cost and you will give a refund of the item price only. If she opens a dispute with paypal for “items not as described” then you would have to ring ebay and ask that they view the message from her showing her real reason for return.

Don’t let ebay or this buyer bully you.

Of course she may leave you negative feedback … but hey, you have to decide what’s more important – being a doormat to unreasonable people or doing the right thing by all sellers and stop encouraging this ridiculous behaviour which seems to be cultivated by ebay.

No-one will think any less of you for trying to avoid negative feedback, we have all been held to ransom and bent over to keep our good score … but if you are only a part time or spasmodic seller then it shouldn’t bother you at all. After all you can follow up the feedback to reflect your side of the story.