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Kelly Simmelink

Never mind the start time, think about the closing stages and when most people will be on-line. Think of it this way – it’s best to go fishing when there are more fish in the pond than when there aren’t. If the items you are selling are aimed at Australians then think when they are likely to be on-line.

That is most likely to be a mid-week evening, or mid-to-late afternoon at the weekend, but avoid your auction finishing at say a meal time or during a sporting event that may distract people. Most bids go in on the last few seconds and I’ve lost stuff that I was bidding on because an auction was ending at 3AM my time and there is no way I’m staying up that late, but you never know but usually a bid I put in several hours before gets easily gets beaten. Bear in mind that its quite common for the highest bidder to place incremental bids that only get triggered once another bid goes in and again you get manic moments at the end of an auction when these progressively get knocked over. Again there’s more chance of that happening at peak time than during the day or middle of the night.