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Steve Simons

Hmm very interesting. Never considered this until your question.

Problem is Australia doesn’t allow reserve auctions for non-car type items. Unfortunately no it’s not possible.

When you write up your auction you are logged into ebay “X”
This could be US, Australia, Germany, etc.

Where ever you write up the auction (whatever site your on) is where the auction will run. I’m in the US and I run stuff on ebay UK all the time.

Possible solutions.
1) Use a starting price that is equal to your reserve.

2) Use a low starting price and watch your auction closely. If your reserve “in your mind, not on the auction” isn’t met then close the auction in the last 12 hours. I don’t recommend doing this too much. Technical it’s against ebay policy, but it is your item and you need to protect the price.

3) Sell your item on ebay US, offer very cheap shipping to your fellow countrymen (domestic) and raise your US shipping to discourage US buyers.

Don’t go crazy with your shipping, you don’t want to get into trouble with an excessive shipping violation. Look up the actual shipping cost to the US. Say for example it’s US$18.00, then I would suggest a US$30.00 charge.

You might get an email or two from potential buyers who are upset at the rate, but you can ignore them or simply explain your story that you don’t wish to do foreign shipping.

Hope this helps and good luck with ebay.