What You Need to Know: Buying from Slattery Auctions

You’ve surely noticed the fact that most auction centers are now offering sales, the question is, can you still get a bargain? And how does the whole process work? Recently I picked up a couple of items from Slattery Auctions, so stick with me while I step you through how that played out.

Slattery Auctions appears to be quite a large auction house, having offices in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA. They hold regular auctions ranging from cars, general items, business closures through to machinery and industrial.

There are actually three styles of auctions, and here’s the first place you should pay attention. Some sales are online only, some sales are online simulcast and some sales are on-site. Some sales can actually be a mix of simulcast and on-site. This point is important, so let’s take a look at each one.

Online Sales
if you visit their “auctions” page you’ll see two categories being “Room Sales” and “Online Sales” the Online Sales are just that, where all the items listed in a sale are available for online bidding. The auction will have a set start and finish time, and may stretch over a few days. Although and take note, bidding will stay open past the sale time if there is still some action. One particular I was chasing ran for 15 minutes past the designated sale cut-off time, apparently, the bidding closes on an item when there are no further bids after a certain time period.

Room Sales
Some room sales offer online bidding, but this is a little different, it’s actually a live simulcast, so you will be bidding at the same time as in-room bidders. For these sales, you will need to sit by the computer as the sale progresses and your item comes up for auction. Do take note, it’s possible not all items in a will be simulcast, so check the sale notes prior to the auction. I was chasing an item that later I found out was not simulcast, after speaking to Slattery Auctions they will accept absentee bids, but, they need to be lodged before the auction begins.

My experience
The whole thing is fairly straightforward, registration is simple, just personal details and payment details. Once registered, simply log in and bid.

In the item overview, there are a couple of pictures at least for all the items I have seen, it’s a bit disappointing that the pictures are sometimes poor quality and can’t be enlarged to a reasonable size so as to full assess the surface condition of items. In fairness, the seem quite responsible in that they will note obvious defects, whether the item has been tested or it is untested, and they also note surface scratches and cracks etc in the sale. So, in many ways, and always keep this in mind, you are taking a punt, so it’s a must to bid accordingly. The items sold could need refurbishment or could be in perfect condition, it’s a punt.

You can set an auto-bid or bid manually, for online auctions most of the action begins in the 10 minutes prior to auction close. As mentioned earlier, the item I was bidding on went into overtime, the sale was due to finish at 8.30pm but finally finished at 8.45pm or so. Why? The item was still receiving bids. When the other bidder had given up and had not placed another bid, the sale closed off. I believe that time period of no bids is 5 minutes, correct me if I’m wrong.

The next day after successfully winning the item I was chasing, which came from there Hexham NSW office, I asked if they could freight it, which they were happy to do. Later I received an invoice will the total cost of the item and shipping, paid that via Bpay, sent through the transaction number and it was on its way. It took several days for it to arrive, and the parcels were trackable all the way. On a larger item, I recently purchased they mentioned there are extra charges from packing large items, and that they couldn’t arrange freight on those. it was over 70KG. I this case I organized a courier through transdirect.com.au and emailed the shipping document to their office and it was packed up and put on the courier truck without a glitch. At all points, the staff were quite helpful.

Do I prefer Online of being there in person?
Would I prefer to be there, yes. Being at auction is still a buzz for me and more importantly, you can get a much better idea of what your bidding on. At the same time, Having online sales means I can access auctions over Australia and more of them

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