Police Auctions in Australia

Police and law enforcement departments across Australia hold regular auctions to dispose of seized goods, stolen and recovered items, unclaimed goods, proceeds of crime and much more. Ex-police equipment also ends up at auction and is highly sought after. On this page, I will provide a brief intro into both, and where to start looking for these auctions.

 Police Seized & Unclaimed Goods Auctions

At these auctions, you will find lots and lots of jewelry, mobile phones, iPads, and gadgets etc. Occasionally there are some really odd things too. For example, at one particular auction in Melbourne, I came across a complete large-scale hydroponic system and I can only wonder what that was that used for before the boys in blue took hold of it.

Property is usually held for 2 months and if unclaimed, it heads to auction where it must be sold. Commonly seen items at these sales include things like:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Motor vehicles, Auto accessories & Marine
  • Furniture and Electrical goods
  • TV’s, video/DVD, stereo, CD players etc.
  • PlayStations, Xbox and game consoles, Mobile Phones (usually lots and lots of phones…)
  • Jewelry (again, usually there is lot of it..)
  • Power tools and equipment
  • Bikes of all types

Of course, all things are sold as-is and usually, untested. So for expensive items, you need to do more diligence than usual as a lot of the goods, especially electronics, are damaged in some way. Items are sold without reserve, so there is the chance of snagging quite a bargain, which, is one of the big attractions of these sales.

Who will be at this type of auction? Anyone is welcome to register and bid and you will find a lot of second-hand dealers, eBayers, and people who have come to bid on a particular item of interest. Most people at these auctions are skilled hands who know the value of items and are there for the purpose of buying and reselling.


Ex-Police Vehicles and Equipment at Auction

The Police department’s own equipment, such as cars, communication equipment, cameras, and more that ends up at auction. The equipment is generally well maintained, having strict maintenance schedules, although they may not receive the T.L.C that a private owner/operator would give.

Ex-police interceptors/highway patrol vehicles have an almost cult-like following that makes them popular at auction, one reason for their popularity is that the vehicles often have increased performance specifications, such as better suspension, higher engine output, more robust drivetrain etc. There are also a lot of other vehicle types, like divisional vans, trucks, buses, and plain standard vehicles that go up for sale.

Most of this equipment and vehicles will end up at ex-government auctioneers such as Pickles and Manheim as part of ex-gov, fleet, and lease sales.

Looking for ex-US law department interceptor? Check this out

Where to find Police Auctions

Police Auctions are not generally run by the Police station or department itself, the auction will be handled by a third party auctioneer in almost all cases. Keep an eye on our Police Auction category for sale highlights as per below

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Notices may also be found in the Saturday edition of the major newspaper in your region and via the commonly used auctioneers below.



Ex-Government Auctions in Australia
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