Ex-Government Auctions in Australia

Local, state and federal governments are a big consumer within the Australian economy and regularly need to update and replace all the items and equipment that makes all their operations tick. They often use auctions to dispose of vehicles, surplus/obsolete equipment, land and buildings, office equipment, local council machinery and much more.

Items may come various departments such as defence, for example, army surplus, or it may be office equipment from any of a large number of government agencies and departments.

Items and equipment are generally well maintained under strict maintenance schedules, although, care should still be taken as they may not receive the loving care that a private owner would give. Sales are generally conducted by a third party and can be on-site at government branch or at the auction centre.

What items are for sale at government auctions?
Too numerous to list but the most common regular sales are for cars and IT equipment,  other sales often feature machinery, houses, land, boats, airplanes and much more. Not forgetting local department auctions for seized, lost, unclaimed, surplus goods and the like.

Where have the items come from?
Usually, the most common sales come from the regular updating of cars, vehicles, machinery, computer, and IT equipment. There’s also department closures, equipment sold off after a project completion, and there’s often gov surplus auctions where you can find lots of new and unused items being cleared. Police departments and Customs agencies often auction off seized, stolen and unclaimed goods.

Tips for buying
Look carefully at items you wish to bid on or purchase. Items are almost always sold as is, meaning that if it does not work as you expected it to, or other problem, arise, you cannot return the item.

If there is a preview for the auction you plan to attend, take advantage of it. In some cases, the items will not be available for review during the auction, so it is advisable to attend the auction preview to look at items you are interested in.

Where to find Gov Auctions?
Many of the auctioneers listed in the our own Auction Site directory hold sales on behalf of government agencies and departments. Also keep a close eye on the Saturday edition of major newspapers in your area for sale listings and keep an eye on the local, state and federal gov websites.

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