Looking for a F-14 military jet? Here is the Government auction for you!

If the F-14 Tomcat jet isn’t your thing maybe a ex-military C-141 Starlifter Cargo Plane? No? Perhaps a Titan rocket might take your fancy? If you’re interested here is the government auction for you.

The famous ‘Boneyard’ is having a clearance sale! If you’ve never heard of it before the Boneyard is the name given to a graveyard for aircraft that have been decommissioned or suspended from service.

For many years the US Defense Department has been parking old planes and various aircraft, and even aerospace equipment, at the Boneyard which is a part of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

The Boneyard is operated by the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) which takes care of storing excess and decommissioned aircraft from all US departments and even re-commissioning some aircraft into alternate roles.

There are reportedly over 4,200 aircraft at the base many of which have been cannibalised for parts and some sold to other countries for their defense needs (Australia’s F-111 is one example) and within days around 2000 obsolete aircraft will go under the hammer in a major Pentagon clear-out.

Why such a big auction? Scrap metal prices are sky rocketing and the Pentagon seeks to cash in. In total there are over 12 million tones of scrap metal up for grabs which is expected to fetch between 9 and 10 million dollars.

Aircraft to end up in melting pot of metals include C-141 Starlifters cargo, A-4 Skyhawks, F 14 Tomcats, S-3 Vikings, prop-driven T-34 trainers, HH-3E helicopters and even parts of Titan rockets that launched missiles and spacecraft.

The auction begins April 21 and will probably be a sad day for many aircraft fans but if you’re a scrap metal dealer it’s probably right up your alley! For all details visit: http://cgi.govliquidation.com/…

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