Articles, reviews and tips on the worlds largest online marketplace and auction website – Ebay. Focused on the Australian Ebay site.

Online Auctions in Australia

It’s been some time since I last covered the online auction sites in Australia and a quite lot has changed since then, some sites have grown, some have gone and there are some new entrants. What’s most interesting is the traditional auction on-site auctions rooms that are establishing in-house online auction sales. Let’s take a […]

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How To: Buying a Laptop at Online Auction

I hate buying technology, not because I don’t like cool new gadgets and useful tools for the workplace, it’s just the cost. Actually, to be truthful it’s not the cost, it’s the money I loose as soon as I walk out the door with my shiny piece of new technology. Whether it’s Harvey Norman, Dick […]

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How to Sell on Ebay – Tips for Selling Success

Selling on Ebay is really pretty straightforward, a few clicks, fill in some boxes, a couple of selections and kaboom your item is listed for sale on one of the worlds most popular marketplaces. As simple as it is, there are still plenty of tips and things to watch out for when selling on eBay […]

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Making Money on Ebay – Easy as Cleaning up the House

There are several easy ways to make yourself some extra money via auction websites. One of the first ways is to start cleaning your house from top to bottom and finding all those things that have been collecting dust for years. At the same time as removing clutter and unused items from your house you’ll […]

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