Australian Book Auctions and Sales

Book auctions can be a great way to find unique titles and rare books as well as books that have no use to there previous owner whether it be an unwanted Christmas present or shelf clearance.

Popular with collectors is the auctions and trading of comic books and magazines that are no longer available through back order and destined to become valuable classics.

Books used by students, scholars or professors do not always end up at the state library and instead end up at the local resellers. These stores work as a bridge between those who want to dispose off their old books and those who are looking to buy. Books often tend to be out of publication or are very difficult to buy owing to their scarcity. The best solution to the situation is to buy used books.

It is surprising to see the used books collection that many of these resellers have. From used text books to old magazines and journals, you are sure to get almost anything that you have been searching for. Used college books are one of the most common items that people look for. From astronomy to animal husbandry, history of Everest climbs to that of the ocean’s deepest trenches – a huge collection of used books are available at the resellers. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to get the desired college book at the first instance itself. To buy that coveted book you may have to visit a few resellers and rummage through the used books stock before you are finally able to find it.

The biggest advantage of used books is their low prices. But when you buy used books the condition of the book is the foremost thing to consider. It is advisable to check the books, especially to see that the books contain all the pages including the index. Often resellers tend to put an attractive cover to hide the book’s damages. You should also be aware of the prevalent market price of the book to ensure that the reseller is not making considerable profits by charging higher than the normal.

Technical books, study books and students literature needs can often be found second hand and in good condition which can also ease some of the heavy back to school or university costs.

Not only can you buy used books but you will also be able to sell used books or exchange used books at certain centres. Barter of used books is a good idea, as you can always pick up something useful in exchange of books not needed anymore.

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