Art Auctions in Australia

Art auction houses can acquire merchandise to sell at auction via consignment, complete estate or estates, excess or unsold stock from artist collections, galleries and private sellers.

Research of the item/s that you are interested in buying is important. Purchase the catalog and make use of reference books along with researching price guides and previous sales indexes to help establish value.

Obtain other opinions, talk to the auctioneer, appraisers etc. Obtain as much knowledge as you can about the item/s prior to the auction. Also factor in any restoration costs that may be required.

Art Almanac – Art Almanac is the definitive guide to Australia’s galleries. It lists most art galleries, and their current exhibitions, Australia wide.

Auctions can be a good place to start in your pursuit of artwork. An auction can provide opportunity to buy a less expensive piece for a few hundred dollars or so. Don’t forget these are unframed prices, so be prepared to spend another hundred for that expense. There are many online auctions, but you are relying on a picture for the only look at your art and the colors may not be accurate when the print arrives by mail. Try visiting a local gallery first and get familiar with certain artists you like.

When it comes to artists there are the famous Australian and International artists such as John Glover, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen, Lindy Lee, Ken Done, Brett Whiteley, and many others. These are easily researched and many of their works are documented and cataloged. Of course, they are more expensive and easily resold. Also check out local, lesser known or upcoming artists you may never have heard of, but whose work you like and you don’t really care much about resell value. It’s strictly your decision whether your collection will be of those whose value increases or one simply containing pieces for decorator appeal.

Either way, try to see the artwork in person go gain a true feel for the actual color and texture. Then you can go to Ebay or other art auction sites for the final bidding. You can also scan the newspaper classified or the various art magazines available at the local bookstore. Once you buy an unframed item, consult your local frame shop for the best way to preserve and protect your investment, There are special acid-free mats and other secrets to insuring the art’s integrity for the future.

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