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One of the most popular sale categories is automotive, if you are looking to buy a car at auction then check out our guide to car auctions, damaged vehicle auctions and intro to online car auctions.

Other guides include 4 essential tips for buying at any auction.

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How To: Buying a Laptop at Online Auction

I hate buying technology, not because I don’t like cool new gadgets and useful tools for the workplace, it’s just the cost. Actually, to be truthful it’s not the cost, it’s the money I loose as soon as I walk out the door with my shiny piece of new technology. Whether it’s Harvey Norman, Dick Smith or any retail shop, the fact is as soon as you have got out the door with that new laptop it’s value has plummeted. Continue Reading »

A Poor eBay listing could be Losing You Sales and Cash. Here’s How to Fix it

What’s the difference between a power eBay seller and someone who struggles with selling items on eBay? It’s all about attention to detail and a few power-seller tips that will drive more success. At the end of the day, the listing page is your number one salesperson, albeit a virtual one. Continue Reading »

How To: Bargain Hunting at Online Car Auctions

Recently online car auctions have been gaining in popularity with both of the major Australian car auctioneers, who run regular in-house weekly auctions, now offering online bidding systems to the public. There are many others too. So, how to get a bargain set of wheels? Lets explore how. Continue Reading »

Making Extra Money via Computer and IT Auctions

If you live in a major city, your in luck. Nearly every week in every major city there will be regular auctions for computer and IT related goods. Many people who have a good understanding of computers and IT equipment/office equipment will purchase used equipment at these auctions to refurbish and on sell. Continue Reading »

How to Sell on Ebay – Tips for Selling Success

Selling on Ebay is really pretty straightforward, a few clicks, fill in some boxes, a couple of selections and kaboom your item is listed for sale on one of the worlds most popular marketplaces. As simple as it is, there are still plenty of tips and things to watch out for when selling on eBay that could help increase the interest in your item and its final sale price. Continue Reading »

Buying from Damaged Car Auctions in Australia

In all capital cities, you’ll find damaged vehicle auctions being held on a regular basis which includes stolen and recovered vehicles, repairable vehicles, and complete write-offs. There can be anywhere from 30-100 vehicles go under the hammer which may be purchased for parts or restored to registerable road-going vehicles in some cases. Continue Reading »