Police Auctions in Australia

Police auctions are held to dispose of vehicles and surplus/obsolete equipment. They are also held for such things as recovered items, unclaimed or stolen goods, seized items and much more.

The Police departments own equipment, such as cars, communication equipment, cameras and more that ends up at auction. The equipment is generally well maintained, having strict maintenance schedules, although they may not receive the T.L.C that a private owner/operator would give.

Ex-police interceptors/highway patrol vehicles have an almost cult-like following that makes them popular at auction, one reason for their popularity is that the vehicles often have increased performance specifications, such as better suspension, higher engine output, more robust drivetrain etc. There are also a lot of other vehicles types, like divisional vans, trucks, buses and plain standard vehicles that go up for sale. Most of this equipment/vehicles will end up at ex-government auctioneers such as Pickles and Manheim.

Police seized and unclaimed goods auctions are a place to find a diverse array of various property, which may be proceeds of crime, unclaimed goods, seized goods and so on. Commonly seen items at these sales include things like:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Auto accessories
  • Furniture
  • Electrical goods
  • TV’s, video/DVD, stereo, CD players etc.
  • PlayStations, Xbox and game consoles
  • Mobile Phones (usually lots and lots of phones…)
  • Jewelry (again, usually there is lot of it..)
  • Power tools and equipment
  • Bikes of all types

Police Auctions are not generally run by the Police station itself, the auction will be handled by a third party auctioneer in many cases. Notices for these auctions can usually be found in the Saturday edition of the major news paper in your region. Also see (hat tip to the comment from Henson):

WA Police Auctions see: Ross’s Auctioneers & Valuers http://www.auctionfinder.com.au/dir/wa/

NSW Police Auctions see: Pickles and Manheims auction centers  http://www.auctionfinder.com.au/dir/nsw/

VIC see Breen Auction Group, vehicles are sold via Manheim, jewellery via Leonard Joel, online auctions via Grays Online  http://www.auctionfinder.com.au/dir/vic/

QLD Police Auctions see the Public Trustee http://www.auctionfinder.com.au/dir/qld/ and Slattery Auctions in Brisbane and Lloyd Auctions on the Gold Coast.

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Ex-Government Auctions in Australia
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