What You Need to Know: Buying from Slattery Auctions

You’ve surely noticed the fact that most auction centers are now offering sales, the question is, can you still get a bargain? And how does the whole process work? Recently I picked up a couple of items from Slattery Auctions, so stick with me while I step you through how that played out. Continue Reading »

Travel Auctions: Bid your way to a bargain Holiday

Is there anything a hammer won’t fall on? No, I say! Holiday time is a major expense for any family, and even intrepid travelers, so saving a dollar or two is always welcomed. Travel auctions have become popular in the US and UK, and are starting to take off here in Australia. Continue Reading »

Australian Online Auction Sites (like eBay)

The sites presented here, offer ‘Consumer to Consumer’ auction sites like eBay, e.g. where individual sellers can list goods for sale. Whilst none of these sites come close to having the mass of eBay, it’s worth remembering that eBay has been online for over a decade while most of these sites are less than 2 or 3 years old and are solely Australian focused. Continue Reading »

Australian Book Auctions and Sales

Book auctions can be a great way to find unique titles and rare books as well as books that have no use to there previous owner whether it be an unwanted Christmas present or shelf clearance. Continue Reading »