How to Buy a Car at Auction in Australia

Every day thousands of vehicles of all shapes and sizes go under the hammer in Australia, it’s where used car dealers buy a lot of their stock and it’s where you can buy your next car too. There is the potential to save thousands, but there are few gotchas too, so, here’s our guide to buying a great car at auction. Continue Reading »

How To: Bargain Hunting at Online Car Auctions

Recently online car auctions have been gaining in popularity with both of the major Australian car auctioneers, who run regular in-house weekly auctions, now offering online bidding systems to the public. There are many others too. So, how to get a bargain set of wheels? Lets explore how. Continue Reading »

Buying from Damaged Car Auctions in Australia

In all capital cities, you’ll find damaged vehicle auctions being held on a regular basis which includes stolen and recovered vehicles, repairable vehicles, and complete write-offs. There can be anywhere from 30-100 vehicles go under the hammer which may be purchased for parts or restored to registerable road-going vehicles in some cases. Continue Reading »

Truck Auctions in Australia

Trucks appear for sale at auctions for many reasons including insolvent company liquidation, repairable write-offs, written off  for parts only, ex-government or ex-lease, as part of a clearing sale or excess trade-in stock from truck dealers. Continue Reading »