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One of the most popular sale categories is automotive, if you are looking to buy a car at auction then check out our guide to car auctions, damaged vehicle auctions and intro to online car auctions.

Other guides include 4 essential tips for buying at any auction.

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What You Need to Know: Buying from Slattery Auctions

You’ve surely noticed the fact that most auction centers are now offering sales, the question is, can you still get a bargain? And how does the whole process work? Recently I picked up a couple of items from Slattery Auctions, so stick with me while I step you through how that played out. Continue Reading »

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The site is getting a long due overhaul, primarily to add mobile compatibility and improved usability. The upgrade will continue over the next month and hopefully we’ll see some new features too. Any problems please let us know via the contact page. Continue Reading »

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How to buy a watch at auction
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In the News this week

Machinery dealer grabs NT govt print kit
An overseas used machinery dealer has scooped up all the major equipment from the NT Government printing service, which was up for auction following its closure last month. Continue Reading »

Travel Auctions: Bid your way to a bargain Holiday

Is there anything a hammer won’t fall on? No, I say! Holiday time is a major expense for any family, and even intrepid travelers, so saving a dollar or two is always welcomed. Travel auctions have become popular in the US and UK, and are starting to take off here in Australia. Continue Reading »